Sempo provides all consumer and merchant accounts free of charge, including sign up, verification and real-time business hour support.

Our fee schedule:

  1. For in-person merchant payments, we charge 1% to the merchant. This may be for a time period following initial setup or on an ongoing basis (at our discretion).
  2. For bill payments, there is no cost the payor (consumer). Sempo may charge a fee to the payee (utility).
  3. For peer-to-peer payments, in-person and phone numbers, payments between the same currency are free.
  4. For transactions involving an exchange between currencies, we quote current
    international foreign exchange (FX) mid-market rates, plus a 1% exchange fee.
  5. For cash in/out of a digital wallet via bank transfer, we charge a fee dependant on the country in which the bank is located:
  • Australia: 2% + 30c
  • Tonga: 3% + 30c
  • New Zealand: 2% + 30c
  • United States: 2% + 30c

We also may pass on additional third-party fees for different pay-in/pay-out services.
These will be quoted to you at the time of providing the Services.

Our Fees listed include GST (where applicable) and any other levies, taxes, fees or charges imposed upon Foreign Exchange Transactions under any law, regulation, by-law or any rule having the effect of law would be passed on to customers to the extent that it is permitted to do so.

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